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The Department of Crop and Soil Sciences is one of the four Departments of the Faculty of Agriculture under the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources which is one of the six Colleges of the University. The focus of the Department's academic activities is on Crop and Soil Sciences (Agriculture), as depicted by the name, and in consonance with the University’s vision of becoming a ‘Centre of excellence’. The Department aspires to become a global centre of excellence for training, research and the dissemination of information on sustainable agriculture, food security, income generation through crop production and consultancy services. The Department further seeks to achieve this through producing high calibre man-power imbued with the requisite entrepreneurial skills necessary for self-employment and private enterprise development. As a dynamic Department, and in view of the changing agricultural practices and environmental challenges, the Department has re-examined its role and relevance to the nation and it is positioning itself to contribute more to national development.